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Since May 2020, the UK's fleet of Merlin Mark 2 helicopters has been testing the tlmNexus' Damage & Repair Tracker (DaRT) application in conjunction with multinational aerospace company Leonardo. In 2019, Brighton-based tlmNexus launched the service with the UK Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) to provide MOD Typhoon multirole fighter jets with the DaRT system. The new contract with Leonardo is further recognition of the benefits that DaRT offers. The application is relevant to both defence and civilian operations. DaRT enables an entire system's damage and repair to be recorded and tracked in a single location by multiple users. The Leonardo contract permits the application to be used by both the RN aircrew who fly the helicopter and also the civilian and military maintainers who keep it in the air. Using the application in this 'end-to-end' manner, the intention is to ensure that all damage and subsequent repairs are recorded in one place, throughout the system's lifetime, providing crucial information for making decisions today — as well as into the future.

DaRT is configurable to suit the different platform systems and processes used by various operators. Users are able accurately to record damage and repair on pictorial views and can include a variety of related data. DaRT is also able to support the progression of the repair process. For Merlin the tlmNexus team have included existing forms used by the helicopter crew and support team to request technical assistance into the DaRT application, helping to further improve the efficiency of the damage and repair process.

tlmNexus Ltd is a UK technology company with a headquarters located in Brighton, a city rapidly building a reputation as a tech hub, with team members stationed across the country. Two of its three founders served together as military engineers. The idea of through-life management was emerging as a force for good but was frequently paper-based and disjointed. Both men recognized that to improve the availability of front-line fleets, the management of various processes needed to change dramatically to ensure the efficient delivery of defense capability. Upon completion of their service, they set out on a new journey determined to maximize the benefits from through-life thinking.

Then known as TLM Solutions, they joined forces with a leading technology company in 2007, Nexus Internet Solutions, a company pioneering the early benefits of using web-based applications to increase business performances, and so formed tlmNexus. Today, the company is working alongside the defense sector bringing services and technologies together to solve complex information problems and transform the way organizations work and deliver.

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