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MBDA and PGZ (Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa), a holding company established by the Polish government to unite more than 30 Polish state-owned defense industry companies, recently unveiled a new tank destroyer armed with the Brimstone precision strike missile. PGZ Companies and MBDA also signed a statement of cooperation to confirm readiness to cooperate on offering this solution to both Poland and export markets, recognizing that the combination of MBDA's Brimstone missile with PGZ's armored vehicle expertise offers the best solution for Poland's tank destroyer requirement from a military capability, sovereignty and industrial perspective.

The most important part of the Joint Statement of Cooperation is MBDAs’ declaration that Brimstone missile technology and know-how will be transferred to PGZ, with MESKO SA responsible for missile production. This co-operation is another field of the business relationship developed on the strategic cooperation between PGZ companies and MBDA.

The flexibility of the integration solution and ease of integration with the existing Polish targeting systems makes it flexible to be installed onto or within multiple Polish platforms, including those from WZM SA, HSW SA and Obrum, in any configuration and number of missiles.

This development comes in response to Poland's requirement for a tank destroyer that is able to counter massed armor formations. With its long-range, all-weather performance, ability to defeat active protection systems (APS), salvo-firing and moving target capability, Brimstone is uniquely able to meet this challenge. The system is capable of engaging line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight targets, with a choice of engagement modes using digital targeting data provided over standard secure military networks fully interoperable with NATO.

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