CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd.
Lanham, MD

CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd., a company that specializes in Electro-Optics (EO) and InfraRed (IR) defense and homeland security solutions, recently demonstrated its iSea-25HD system. The new and lightweight EO/IR payload is said to have unsurpassed maritime surveillance capabilities and has been specially configured for observation from maritime vessels, including small boats, even in the harshest and most challenging environmental conditions.

The iSea-25HD features a unique, cutting-edge stabilization system engineered to enable a stable, continuous and uninterrupted line-of-sight (LOS) view. This results in a very clear picture, even in the roughest of seas. The system is capable of interfacing with remote weapons systems (RWSs), such as Rafael’s TYPHOON System, to maintain boresight in conditions of shocks and vibrations. The TYPHOON™ Stabilized Naval Remotely-Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) Family accommodates small- to medium-caliber guns, enabling superior ship perimeter protection. The high level of stabilization and pointing accuracy results in a high hit probability, even against multiple small and fast maneuvering targets such as in swarm attack scenarios, as well as air targets such as UAVs and drones.

The iSea-25HD incorporates digital and mechanical compensatory mechanisms that CONTROP developed to significantly contribute to shooting precision and accuracy. This robust system withstands even the harshest environmental conditions including fog, moisture, salinity and excessive splashing. The lightweight, gyro-stabilized system provides maximum range surveillance using highly sensitive sensors, including a high-performance Thermal Imaging (TI) Camera using 3-5μ IR detector with a continuous zoom lens, a high sensitivity color day camera, and an eye-safe laser range finder (LRF). Among its additional features are advanced image processing and video enhancement algorithms. Applications include search and rescue, coastal/border surveillance, law/coast guard enforcement, EEZ protection, counter piracy, illegal fishing and special ops.

CONTROP’s main product lines include: high-performance stabilized observation payloads used for day/night surveillance onboard UAS; small UAS and aerostats/balloons; helicopters, light aircraft (A/C), maritime patrol boats and ground vehicles; automatic intruder detection systems for coastal and border surveillance; port/harbor security, the security of sensitive sites and ground troop operations; and thermal imaging cameras with high performance continuous zoom lens and state-of-the-art image enhancement features.

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