Leonardo DRS, Inc.
Arlington, VA

Leonardo DRS, Inc. and partner Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. of Israel have successfully completed a lengthy live-fire qualification process for key elements of the lighter weight – but equally performing - TROPHY Vehicle Protection System (VPS).

Leveraging material and component upgrades, as well as lessons learned over twenty-plus years of development, TROPHY VPS achieves up to 40% weight reduction and improved power management, depending on how it is integrated on a platform. At the same time, there is no reduction in its proven ability to protect against the full range of direct fire, anti-armor rocket, and missile threats.

Conducted at an official test range in Israel, the recent round of testing was monitored by subject matter experts and program officials from the US and NATO, as well as a number of other allied nations. The testing included over 300 live scenarios challenging key aspects of the system's upgraded hard kill defeat mechanism, bringing the total number of live tests of Trophy to over 4,000 since the start of the program.

Threat defeat performance was well over 95% and demonstrated Trophy's automatic networked Fire Source Location ability. Integrated on a Bradley Fighting Vehicle for this test campaign to demonstrate its immediate relevance for that platform, there are plans to demonstrate Trophy VPS in the US to the Stryker program office using the Stryker platform. Introduced in 2000, the eight-wheeled, medium-weight Stryker provides a unique combination of versatility, survivability, lethality and maneuverability.

Meanwhile, DRS and Rafael are continuing a parallel effort to demonstrate Trophy's compliance with the US Modular APS standard.

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