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Herzliya, Israel
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Plasan Sasa
Kibbutz Sasa, Israel

Plasan Sasa and BIRD Aerosystems have teamed up to offer a SandCat armored intervention vehicle equipped with BIRD’s advanced mission management system (MSIS).

SandCat, Plasan’s family of 4X4 armored vehicles, provides high-end protection while maintaining its agility and maneuverability, even when equipped with surveillance and communications systems. The SandCat family has been designed to support a wide range of challenges and missions including: law enforcement, Special Forces, homeland security, border patrol and armed conflicts. Sand-Cats are also used to transport troops, as command and control centers, and to transport VIPs though conflict zones.

The SandCat features unique Kitted-Hull armor technology that uses a bolt-on armor system instead of welded panels, meaning users can customize the vehicle to suit their needs and repairs are much simpler. The Kitted-Hull design provides protection up to STANAG 3. A Ford 6.7L V8 Turbo-Diesel engine gives the vehicle 300hp at 2,800 rpm.

BIRD’s advanced Multi-Sensor Integration System (MSIS) manages the complete mission profile and ensures that all operating teams share a unified, real-time situational awareness. The MSIS is an integral part of BIRD Aerosystems’ Airborne Surveillance, Intelligence and Observation (ASIO) solution. The system is designed to provide a complete Task Force solution, providing the capability to collect and process large amounts of information gathered from the airborne platforms. This information is automatically classified, efficiently displayed, and then shared in real-time with the ground segments of the Task-Force such as the C&C center and ground intervention vehicles. This enables all operating teams to share a unified situational awareness picture. Equipped with BIRD’s MSIS, the SandCat armored vehicle can receive realtime information and data from the airborne sensors, allowing commanders to more effectively oversee and manage the ground missions.

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