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Supacat, a UK designer and manufacturer of special forces vehicles, recently unveiled the latest variation of its Light Reconnaissance Vehicle 400 (LRV 400).

The Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (LRV) 400 is a high speed and high mobility off-road vehicle developed to carry out border patrol, reconnaissance, rapid intervention and light strike missions. It is a militarized variant of the Wildcat off-road motorsport vehicle. Supacat and UK-based motorsport company QT Services jointly developed the LRV 400. Supacat originally introduced the LRV 400 at the Defence Security and Equipment International (DSEi) exhibition 2013 in London.

Designed to operate in harsh environments, including deserts and rough terrains, the LRV 400 is a low cost and high mobility platform, filling the gap between the heavier Jackal surveillance, reconnaissance and patrol vehicle and the smaller All-Terrain Mobility Platform (ATMP). The 4.3m long and 1.8m wide vehicle is designed with a tubular space frame chassis. The space-frame design of the vehicle enables easy re-configuration to help address different operational roles. The vehicle is air transportable by the CH-47 Chinook helicopter.

The LRV 400 is manned by three crew members (commander, driver and gunner). Its gross and kerb weights are 3,500kg and 2,100kg respectively. The fuel capacity is 160 liters.

UK-based survivability solutions provider ArmourWorks designed and manufactured a lightweight, convenient seat, which is primarily a standing platform that can be optionally used as a comfortable and safe seat, for the Supacat. Hutchinson provided bead-lock run flats for the vehicle.

The LRV 400 boasts a self-recovery winch, a beam-type axle with 300mm travel race-derived hydraulic shock absorbers, infrared (IR) lights, a differential front and rear air locking system, 24V DC electrical system, forward- and rear-facing IR cameras, lengthened wheelbase, LED hi-mount T16 driving lights and rear work lights.

The vehicle can be fitted with optional equipment and systems, such as smoke grenade launchers, a remote weapons station, weapon mounts, left-hand drive or right-hand drive configuration, Pinnacle compass, Nato tow hook, onboard water boiler, canvas roof and side screens, detachable polycarbonate windscreen and dry-break quick change main radiator system. Various communication and weapon systems can be integrated with the vehicle based on customer specifications and configuration.

The LRV 400 provides a highly versatile tactical capability for special forces; it can be transported centrally inside a CH-47 Chinook fully equipped and loaded, making it immediately and rapidly deployable. Also, it has the unique feature of being convertible from 4×4 to 6×6 to provide a flexible alternative configuration that increases payload, capacity and range to meet different operational requirements. The fast-moving LRV 400 is powered by a 3.2L Ford diesel or V8 petrol engines. The Ford diesel engine generates 236hp and 550Nm torque. The V8 petrol engine produces 430hp to 640hp of power. The LRV 400 can accomplish a maximum speed of 170km/h and maximum load range of 1,000 km. It has the ability to carry a 1,400 kg payload.

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