Optics 1, Inc. (Safran)
Bedford, NH

Optics 1, Inc. (Safran) recently announced that its Integrated Compact Ultralight Gun-mounted Rangefinder (ICUGR) has been selected by the United States Marine Corps (USMC). The I-CUGR is a small, lightweight, and rugged weapon-mounted laser rangefinder with integrated illumination and aiming lasers that will give USMC the ability to quickly range targets without taking hands off their rifles – providing more accurate first round hits.

The Optics 1 I-CUGR mounts to a weapon system using the standard MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail System giving the operator the ability to range man-sized targets out to 1500 meters (± 1 meter) (depending on conditions) without taking his hands off the weapon system. Without additional effort or moving off position, the digital display provides users with distance information in meters or yards.

When used in conjunction with night vision optics, the ICUGR increases a unit's lethality by adding several capabilities such as a Night Vision Mode; a Vis Laser used for aiming and boresight; an IR laser used for night engagements or to mark targets for other team members; and an IR flood light that provides discrete illumination of the target area. While tethered to the Kestrel® with Applied Ballistics, the ICUGR provides and displays accurate holds for climate conditions (i.e. wind, altitude, humidity temperature and barometric pressure) used in long range shooting.

Developed as a modular system, the I-CUGR can be used on all types of military Sniper, CQB, or crew-served weapon systems (adaptor required) and can be used with all types of bullet designs and calibers. The simple two-button operation allows for ease of use on the device or with a remote so the shooter’s hands never leave the weapon. The I-CUGR consumes very little power, allowing for extended use, and is ruggedized for military operations to include being waterproof to 1 meter. A single CR123 battery provides power for 3000+ LRF ranging events. Total weight of the unit is 12 oz including remote and battery.

The I-CUGR has been designed by Optics 1 leveraging proven rangefinder technology from Safran Electronics & Defense. Production will take place in Bedford, New Hampshire at Optics 1.

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