Application Briefs
Kelvin Hughes
Enfield, UK
+44 19 9280 5200

Kelvin Hughes recently installed its new SharpEye™ upmast radar system on four new vessels commissioned by the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force. The Damen Stan Patrol 5009 Coastal Patrol Vessels are all now fitted with a Kelvin Hughes Advanced Surveillance System incorporating a SharpEye™ X-Band radar, located upmast in a carbon composite housing with a stealth profile, as well as a tactical radar display. The four craft - the TTS Speyside, Quinam, Moruga and Carli Bay - will patrol Trinidad and Tobago's coastal waters and are also capable of operating in its Exclusive Economic Zone.

The SharpEye™ radar was selected as the surveillance radar due to its superior target detection capability, especially in poor weather conditions such as heavy rain and high sea states. Dedicated primarily to surface search and surveillance to counteract illegal activity, the radar will also be used in support of the vessels’ navigational magnetron radar to provide the safety and situational awareness required in high clutter conditions.

With its longer range target detection capability and low power output - reducing the probability of detection by ESM equipment - the SharpEye™ radar will enable the craft to remain out of visual sight and out of conventional radar detection range whilst still being able to track and monitor vessels under investigation.

The original order for the SharpEye™ radar systems was placed by Alphatron Marine BV of The Netherlands who was assigned as the integration partner for Damen Shipyards. With deliveries and sea trials conducted between April and October of last year, the program was concluded in November and both the radar and the patrol craft are now in service.

The Damen Stan Patrol 5009 is the first “Sea Axe” patrolboat, which means that the hull is designed according to the “Axe Bow Concept”. The keel line slopes down forward and the sheer line slopes up – strongly resembling the blade of an axe. Due to the oversized hull of the Damen Stan Patrol 5009, it was possible to place the wheelhouse at the position where the ship motions are least – approximately one third from the stern. This creates the best possible working environment for the crew. The engines are flexibly mounted, to obtain low vibration levels.

The Damen Stan Patrol 5009 can be equipped with Caterpillar or MTU engines. For flexibility, efficiency and redundancy, four fixed pitch propellers, two hydraulic bow thruster and two rudders are installed. Depending on the choice of engines, the maximum speed of the Damen Stan Patrol 5009 varies between 22.5 and 32 knots. The range at patrol speed (10-16 knots) is approximately 3,000 nautical miles.

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