PPG Industries
Pittsburgh, PA

PPG Industries’ aerospace coatings group has installed an electrocoat primer system at the US Coast Guard Aviation Logistics Center in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. The technology, custom-designed to protect the facility's aerospace parts, has reduced the time needed for primer application, processing, and full-cure.

Primers provide corrosion resistance to metal parts and enhance topcoat adhesion. Electrocoating, also called electrodeposition coating and commonly referred to as e-coat, uses electrical current to apply a coating to a conductive substrate submerged in a water-based paint bath. The process can be fully automated.

Unlike traditional, spray-applied primers, which create overspray and nonuniform film thickness that result in lower application efficiencies and higher coating weight, the PPG electrocoating processes immerse components into a chromefree primer, called Aerocron™. The water-based electrocoat primer is attracted to the charged part, resulting in uniform film thickness, even in recessed and hidden areas. Only the amount of primer needed is deposited onto the metal surface, minimizing the weight of the finished metal component. Parts are also rinsed and thermally cured to achieve final coating properties. The e-coat process produces minimal waste because rinses are returned back into the electrocoat bath.

PPG's resin and paste components are dispersed in water in a dip tank. The system also includes an immersion rinse tank, a spray rinse tank, a cure oven, and lab-related equipment.

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