Logos Technologies
Fairfax, VA

In partnership with the San Francisco, CA-based motorcycle maker Alta Motors, Logos Technologies has received a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to continue development of the SilentHawk military motorcycle.

When completed, the SilentHawk will allow small, distributed military teams to move long distances quickly and stealthily across harsh enemy terrain. The prototype combines Alta’s existing RedShift MX electric motocross bike with the quiet, multi-fueled hybrid-electric power system developed by Logos Technologies.

The lightweight, single-track SilentHawk provides quiet, all-wheel drive capability at extended range. A field-swappable power system concept will allow the bike to be easily customized to satisfy various mission requirements.

During Phase I of the development, which began in February 2014, Logos and Alta conducted extensive performance testing on the RedShift MX in multiple terrains and riding conditions. Using the data, Logos demonstrated the hybrid-electric system's ability to meet a military motorcycle's off-road power requirements.

The result of Phase I was a preliminary design, supported by testing and modeling. With most critical requirements of the system already demonstrated, the Logos-Alta team will proceed with a Phase II program plan, with the goal of developing and testing the first operational prototype in 18 months.

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