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A Floating Armor Torso System (FATS), designed for marine-based forces, inflates when coming into contact with water. If the wearer were to be shot or injured in the line of duty and fall into a river, lake or the sea, the BCB technology would automatically inflate within seconds. The armor increases to the capacity of the size of the inflatable.

FATS has 275 Newtons of buoyancy within the armor, enough to counter the weight of a soldier, the system’s insertable ballistic plates, and the soldier's equipment. When the casualty or conscious soldier falls into the water, the 4- kilogram FATS device self-rights, keeping the wearer’s airways clear of water.

Ballistic inserts — protected with welded, lightweight waterproof covers — are made of low density and buoyant ultrahigh molecular weight polyethelene. The front and back hard-armor plate pockets measure 25 x 30 cm (10" x 12"). An interface on the front and the back provides modularity, with pouches in any configuration. The rear of the suit has a grab handle, for scenarios where a casualty must be extracted. The FATS technology is adjustable on each side so that the armor fits a variety of human sizes.

The system features a lightweight PU-coated nylon 500 denier outer fabric and easy access to the bladder for rearming, servicing and cleaning. The bladder itself is completely removable so the body armor can be used alone.

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