Rapiscan Systems
Torrance, CA

Rapiscan Systems recently announced the addition of CounterBomber, a radar-based threat-detection technology, to its portfolio of security products. The CounterBomber system can identifiy concealed person-borne threats, such as suicide vests and weapons, at stand-off distances. Using an optional remote networking capability, CounterBomber’s video-steered radar technology detects threats, even when the system operator is hundreds of meters away.

CounterBomber® deployed in SW Asia.

CounterBomber has been extensively tested by the U.S. Government, and successfully deployed by the U.S. Armed Forces in all recent major conflicts and other volatile areas around the globe, since 2008. While originally designed to identify suicide vests, the CounterBomber technology also detects other concealed person-borne threats, including handguns, machine pistols, pipe bombs, and grenades, all while maintaining a low false-alarm rate.

Once in operation, the CounterBomber system automatically assesses approaching personnel for hidden threats — without the need for operator interpretation. In addition, CounterBomber’s plug-and-play functionality enables quick and secure integration into the command and control (C2) network of a customer’s overall security architecture.

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