Minelab Electronics
Torrensville, Australia
Dulles, VA

Minelab Electronics, an Australian company known for its metal detectors, has partnered with NIITEK, a Dulles, VA-based developer of ground-penetrating radar, to produce a mine-sweeping device that detects both metal and shapes in the ground. Together they have won a contract to supply a mounted mine detection system for US Husky Detection System (HMDS) military vehicles.

The device, a combination of Minelab's Single Transmit Multiple Receive (STMR) array and NIITEK’s radar, reveals both shapes and underground metal, thereby achieving high probabilities of detection and low false alarm rates. The STMR system has been used in humanitarian demining operations for the past eight years and has undergone continuous improvement and development. Marrying the Minelab and NIITEK technology together has taken two years of testing to ensure it could find anti-personnel landmines, anti-tank landmines, as well as Improvised Explosive Devices.

With final development set for June 2016, the partnership has the potential to outfit the hundreds of Husky Mine Detection Systems currently deployed by the US military.

The Husky VMMD, which was originally developed in the 1970s, incorporates a V-shaped hull offering optimum protection against blasts. The cabin is fitted with a bullet-proof glass window and a single hatch is provided on the top. The Husky vehicle is currently equipped with NIITEK's VISOR™ 2500 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), with four panelled 3.2m array at the front. The GPR detects the mines and explosives by using hydraulically-controlled deploy and retract modes.

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