Senso Optics
Yokneam, Israel

The combat effectiveness of a weapon system depends substantially on its hit probability. The most accurate aiming occurs when an optical device is aligned to the weapon’s bore centerline.

Senso Optics has announced the VBS-80, an electro-optical boresight for accurately aligning sights to guns. The VBS-80 features a user-friendly interface that calibrates 7.62mm - 155mm muzzle gun barrels. The boresighting system allows a single soldier to complete the aligning procedure by utilizing a video camera.

The VBS-80 contains an Electro-Optical module (EOU), which aligns the optical axis with the mechanical axis. Its optical focus is fixed but can operate from 20 meters to infinity. The socket that receives the caliber rod is fine-polish-machined so that the caliber rod retains center accurately when dismounting and re-mounting the EOU. The VBS-80 features a high-resolution CCD camera, electronically adjustable reticule, and an interface to existing Fire-Control-System (FCS) displays.

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