Environmental Tectonics Corporation
Southampton, PA

Most fighter aircraft simulators are fixed-base, with no motion or sustained G-capability. Even those with six degree of freedom (6-DOF) motion bases provide only motion cues and cannot replicate an authentic, sustained high-G environment. While providing useful training for cognitive tasks, and providing some workload and environmental stressors, the devices cannot present the complete spectrum of physical stresses inherent in actual flight operations. Thus, current simulator training cannot effectively reproduce live-aircraft training events such as Basic Fighter Maneuvers (BFM), Air-to-Ground Weapons Delivery, Close Air Support (CAS), Offensive/Defensive Counter Air (OCA & DCA), Carrier Qualification (CQ) Operations, Field Carrier Landing Practice (FCLP), and air refueling.

By combining simulation, visual, and motion technologies, the Authentic Tactical Fighting System (ATFS-400™) overcomes simulator limitations and effectively trains pilots. Pilot inputs command a multi-axis, high-performance motion system, which accurately produces properly aligned G forces, whether in positive or negative G flight. The combination of control system architecture, control laws, and flight models provides not only the rapid-onset and sustained performance motion of 4th- and 5th-generation fighter aircraft, but also the true feel of the specific aircraft with Signature Technology™.

In a two-shift operation, one ATFS-400 replaces 12 to 16 aircraft sorties per day, with surge capability to higher rates, if necessary. The ATFS-400 greatly reduces first flight risk in single- seat aircraft for new F-22 and F-35 pilots, and users train with a F-35 Helmet Mounted Display. The aircraft training tool can also be integrated into Distributed Mission Operations Network (DMON) for multi-ship, multi-platform training events.

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