Environmental Tectonics Corporation (ETC)
Southampton, PA

Aircrew Training Systems (ATS), a division of Environmental Tectonics Corporation, has been selected by the U.S. Army Contracting Command to provide the Colombian Air Force (FAC) with a spatial disorientation flight simulator. The GYRO IPT II will help FAC pilots to recognize in-flight conditions that contribute to spatial disorientation. The new system will be installed at the FAC Aerospace Medicine Center (CEMAE) in Bogotá, Colombia next spring.

ETC's GYRO IPT II provides pilots with a hands-on, realistic, full-motion flight training experience. While in control of a simulated flight, the pilot can be exposed to a variety of selected disorienting illusions. Unlike simple disorientation demonstrators, a pilot in the GYRO IPT II has full closed loop control of the simulation before, during, and after the illusion. The capability creates a fully interactive flight training environment where the training pilot must maintain control of the simulator and fly through the illusion to a successful resolution.

The new GYRO IPT II will complement the suite of training devices already operating at CEMAE, including an Altitude Chamber, Night Vision Training System, and Vestibular Illusion Demonstrator, all previously provided by ETC.

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