Raytheon Company (RTN) has started delivering a new release of software, Post Deployment Build-7 (PDB-7), to its worldwide Patriot customer base. The Patriot air and missile defense system protects against advanced threats, including aircraft, tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Modern Man Station (MMS) replaces current Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) technology with 30” color LCD displays with touch screens and soft keys. (PRNewsFoto/Raytheon Company)
The PDB-7 software leverages the latest Patriot Con - figuration-3 hardware modernization im prove ments in the radar and battle management command, control, communication, computers, and intelligence (BMC4I) areas. The technical enhancements allow soldiers in the field to defend against current threats and easily adapt and respond to changing threat environments. The new Modern Man Station (MMS), with color LCD displays, touchscreens, and soft keys, improves situational awareness and decision-making during tactical operations. An enhanced view gives soldiers in the field the ability to quickly differentiate between threats and non-threats, and see threats sooner and further out.

The Radar Digital Processor (RDP) provides significant improvement in mean time between failure and increases radar processing efficiency. (PRNewsFoto/Raytheon Company)
A new Radar Digital Processor (RDP), which includes a ruggedized commercial off-the-shelf processor, increases the reliability of the digital processing system and related analog components by 10-fold, resulting in a predicted 40 percent increase in overall radar reliability. More importantly, it enables future capabilities through software upgrades, including improved target detection and identification, multifunction surveillance, and the full support of advanced PAC-3 missile enhancements.

The new Modern Adjunct Processor (MAP) is an expandable processing platform that is at the heart of the Command and Control modernization. MAP increases Patriot’s computer processing power by several orders of magnitude while providing significant expansion capability for the future.

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