CTI Electronics, a supplier of rugged computer peripheral and motion control devices to US armed forces for over 20 years, will manufacture a military-grade, industrial pointing device to retrofit the Navy’s fleet of cruisers and destroyers. In cooperation with Lockheed Martin, CTI is producing the NEMA 4X (IP66) sealed handheld Industrial Mouse™ in a stainless steel enclosure.

The Industrial Mouse™ is a high-precision joystick that allows computer cursor control in harsh environments. The device prevents liquid or debris ingress, operates in extreme temperature ranges, and protects against electromagnetic interference as well as radio frequency signals. The selected M20U9-N3 technology has a standard USB connection with three mouse buttons on the enclosure and a left mouse button on the joystick.

Speed, accuracy, and storage were paramount in the military crew member’s selection process. The aluminum cradle is mounted to a non-movable surface, which securely holds the handheld pointing device with padded rubber gaskets. The design provides the operator with the freedom of usage either in or out of the cradle based on the conditions at sea.

CTI Electronics
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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