U.S. Army and Marine troops have cultivated a creative, lifesaving technology out of heavy-duty telescoping poles. The CMD fiberglass telescoping push/pull rods, normally used for cable and wire management applications, are being modified by some U.S. troops deployed in Afghanistan to create a special tool that effectively locates, digs up, and disables deadly improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

Field troops tape a large steel hook with a sharp blade, which is crafted locally in Afghanistan, to the end of the 26-foot pole to find buried bombs, gain access to them through the dirt and rocks, and then cut the wires from a safe distance.

Since this idea was developed, CableOrganizer.com has sold the U.S. Army and Marines more than 800 units of CMD’s various Telescoping Push/Pull Rods for direct shipment to Afghanistan. “We’re most thankful for the opportunity to assist U.S. troops in their front-line efforts in Afghanistan, by making this telescoping tool affordable and readily accessible to them in the field,” said CableOrganizer.com COO Paul Holstein.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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