Software Controls Vehicle’s Mission-Critical Computers

General Dynamics UK recently specified Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY® real-time operating system (RTOS) as the operating system software for all of the mission-critical computers being used in the Scout Specialist Vehicles (SV) program. General Dynamics UK is currently in the demonstration phase of the Scout program. Green Hills Software’s MULTI® integrated development environment (IDE) has also been selected to build the application code that runs on top of the INTEGRITY operating system on all the computer subsystems in the vehicle.

Scout SV is a new generation of military armored vehicles that encompasses several variants built on a common base platform. Initial variants include the Scout reconnaissance vehicle, Recce Armored Personnel Carrier, repair vehicle, and recovery vehicle. All will share an open electronic architecture, making the Scout SV fleet easier to maintain, simplifying user training, and playing a key role in lowering costs throughout the planned 30-year life of the vehicles.

The four main electronic subsystems on Scout SV will use Intel Core i5 and Core i7 multicore architectures running Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY RTOS and each has its own display. These are used by the driver, commander, and gunner, and there is one additional terminal. The subsystems support all critical services including driving controls, defensive aids, navigation tools, ‘friend or foe’ recognition, and visual displays. Because the visual displays can receive live feeds from up to seven video cameras, real-time performance is essential in order to avoid motion sickness that can result from inconsistencies between visually and physically perceived information.

The demonstration phase of the project will see the development of seven prototypes for the Scout reconnaissance vehicle and supporting variants.

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