Hybrid battery system
International Battery
Allentown, PA

International Battery has been given a contract from the U.S. Army’s Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) to develop a hybrid energy storage system for combat tanks and Stryker armored vehicles. The hybrid battery system incorporates lithium iron phosphate cells (for energy) and ultracapacitors (for power).

International Battery has received its second TARDEC contract and will develop an advanced energy storage system for the U.S. Army.
The TARDEC contract, which is the second for International Battery, funds work for advanced level testing and delivery of energy storage system prototypes for Silent Watch, an arrangement where enough electricity is stored in a vehicle so that it can run for hours at a time. The continuous power then operates equipment without rapidly degrading battery life, and leaves enough battery power to restart the vehicle. Silent Watch requires battery systems that are ruggedized, have no heat signature, can withstand wide temperature variances, and are lighter weight than lead-acid batteries.

The reliability of lead-acid batteries is greatly reduced in harsh environments, requiring frequent replacement. Lead-acid batteries can compromise mission effectiveness as they are sensitive to wide variations in temperatures, further accelerating degradation and creating supply and logistics issues. International Battery’s new NATO 6T-compatible battery is a hybrid 12-volt system, one that the company hopes will deliver more power and energy to ultimately replace heavier lead-acid batteries.

The contract continues advanced development of International Battery’s Non Primary Power System (NPS 1160), which is modeled on the company’s large-format iron phosphate cells and battery management system (BMS) technology developed and produced in the U.S.

“The complex and unique needs of our military often serve as the driving force behind the commercialization of advanced technology,” said U.S. Representative of Pennsylvania’s 15th district, Charlie Dent. “International Battery’s work with the Department of Defense will not only improve the efficiency and safety of equipment used by our troops in the field, but will modernize energy use within our economy.”

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