Redefining Healthcare Delivery with Robotics-Assisted Therapy

Robots are helping to redefine healthcare delivery with robotics-assisted therapies such as autonomously guided waterjet ablation and focused ultrasound that destroys targeted tissues without damaging the surrounding area. This 60-minute Technical Webinar from the editors of Medical Design Briefs and Tech Briefs Media looks at the technologies driving these robotic developments as well as some case studies and examples of robotics therapies in action.

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Coming Soon - Materials Qualification of Healthcare Products to Radiation Sterilization

Sterilization process monitoring and control are key to product safety in the healthcare industry. New products that are biological in nature or made of materials that are sensitive to standard forms of terminal sterilization are requiring more developed tools to bring together the expertise needed to solve common problems in the sterilization industry.

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Coming Soon - Back to the Future of Video Compression

Have you ever seen pixilation or noticed face details disappear, frames freeze, confetti in dark areas, or simply muddy video? These are negative effects of compression. Most camera outputs (including cinema) and videos from 720p and up are compressed. Why? Compression is needed to enable transport over ethernet, internet, Wi-Fi, cable, and satellite. It’s also needed to limit storage size. These restrictions have been met in part by compromises in image quality, increased latency, introduction of artifacts, and obliteration of fine details.

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Coming Soon - Mars 2020: The Legacy Continues for NASA Space Robotics

Scheduled for launch in the summer of 2020, the latest NASA rover will continue the legacy of its predecessors – Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity – by taking the next step in space robotics. With innovative instruments, new science goals, and improved technologies, the Mars 2020 rover will help prepare for future human exploration of Mars. This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs Media focuses on the design of the robotic system and other important systems for testing, motion, power, and sample extraction.

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Coming Soon - Linking FMEA, FMEDA, and FTA for Safety Analysis and Hardware Metrics for Functional Safety

FMEAs traditionally have only incorporated single-point faults. This 30-minute Webinar examines a groundbreaking methodology used to conduct safety analysis and hardware metrics for functional safety using linked FMEA, FMEDA, and FTAs. It shows how functional safety FMEA can include both single- and multi-point faults and incorporate safety mechanisms as preventive controls.

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Coming Soon - Producing Optimal High-Speed Images for Automotive and Industrial Engineers

Whether you’re an engineer who analyzes high-speed images or you’re a photographic technician who is responsible for capturing those images, a solid understanding of high-speed imaging fundamentals will help you efficiently create quality images for automotive and industrial applications. For example, engineers require data from crash test footage to make critical design decisions. Understanding lens and sensor characteristics can help you better predict where an element comes into camera view, elevating your images and enabling a safer outcome in the final automotive product.

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Coming Soon - Advanced Joining and Materials Technologies for Lightweight Vehicles

The rush to increase vehicle content of lightweight materials is demanding increasingly sophisticated techniques for joining non-traditional materials in non-traditional applications. The use of adhesives in body-in-white assembly is increasing at a feverish pace, and many OEMs and suppliers are investing heavily in efficient, high-volume methods for joining dissimilar materials.

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Coming Soon - The Keys to Choosing Passive Components for DC/DC Converters

The work designing in a DC/DC regulator to power electronic systems doesn’t stop with your choice of switcher. All the careful work done to select the perfect device can be undone by poor passive component choices. This 60-minute Webinar looks at the choices, tradeoffs, and tools to help in the selection process.

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Coming Soon - Using the Virtual Prototype of the S32G Safe and Secure Vehicle Network Processor in Production

The challenge with highly complex automotive devices is to bring up the software as soon as the silicon becomes available, which applies to the entire automotive ecosystem, including internal teams, software partners, and external customers. The hardware-dependent software includes drivers, operating systems, and accelerator firmware, which need to be ready and integrated.

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The Role of Analytics in the Digital Twin

In the era of Industry 4.0, the digital twin has emerged as a new technology that brings together physical and simulated information to deliver greater value from existing resources. When paired with the latest in analytics, digital twins can lead to better decision making at each step of the product lifecycle. This 60-minute Webinar will introduce the role of analytics, such as predictive analytics and uncertainty quantification, for the digital twin.

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