Rheinmetall to Supply Laser Light Module to Swiss Army

Rheinmetall has signed a contract with Switzerland’s Federal Office for Defence Procurement (Armasuisse) to supply VarioRay LLM laser light modules to the Swiss Army. Under the contract, Rheinmetall will deliver 9,640 devices starting May this year, with completion expected by the end of 2022. The company will also supply accessories, spare parts and offer training support to the Swiss Army. Rheinmetall Air Defence is serving as the general contractor for the project while Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics is the manufacturer.

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A Focal Plane Array and Electronics Model for CMOS and CCD Sensors in the AFIT Sensor and Scene Emulation Tool

Developing an improved model capable of generating realistic synthetic data that represents a wide range of systems can lead to new algorithms and data exploitation techniques.
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Fabrication and Electrical Characterization of Correlated Oxide Field Effect Switching Devices for High Speed Electronics

The response of correlated oxides to strong electric fields and their dynamics is investigated using electrical transport measurements and electronic structure studies.
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Ruggedizing Coaxial and Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies from Mechanical Strain

Learn how to protect critical conductors, dielectric, and optical fibers from deforming, cracking, or unraveling
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NASA Prepares for the Moon and Mars with Expanded Deep Space Network

NASA is adding a new antenna for communicating with the agency’s farthest-flung robotic spacecraft.
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Unmanned Aircraft System Offers Superior Surveillance Imagery

AeroVironment, Inc. recently announced the launch of Puma LE.
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Secure Optical Mobile Local Communications Systems Support Royal Navy

Learn about the communications system being installed on the first three units of the Royal Navy's planned class of eight Type 26 frigates.
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Wearable Device Camouflages Its Wearer Regardless of the Weather

Researchers at the University of California San Diego developed a wearable technology that can hide its wearer from heat-detecting sensors such as night vision goggles, even when the ambient temperature changes. It's a feat that current state of the art technology cannot match. The new technology can adapt to temperature changes in just a few minutes, while keeping the wearer comfortable.

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Future Advances in Electronic Materials and Processes - Flexible Hybrid Electronics

There are still significant obstacles to the manufacture and use of flexible hybrid electronics in military applications.
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Shoulder-Launched Weapon System

Guided flight tests have been completed.
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