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New Products: February 2018 Aerospace & Defense Technology

Rugged Servers with Skylake Architecture

Themis Computer® (Fremont, CA) announced the launch of its next generation XR6 Rugged Enterprise Servers (RES) featuring the newest Intel® Xeon® Scalable (Skylake) Processors.

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Flange Couplings

RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION (Westwood, NJ) has announced the launch of its new RfN 5571 series flange coupling for heavy industry. RINGFEDER® flange couplings provide a superior solution to standard press fits. Equipped with the Ringfeder Shrink Disc this new series eliminates the needs for additional components such as keyways or shims. Eliminating the need for heating and cooling of the part reduces installation complexity. RINGFEDER® flange couplings are slip fit with frictional engagement achieved by torqueing the shrink disc screws. Available with hexagon head screws or hexagon socket head cap screws. Some of the advantages provided by this system are: a stronger connection than keyway systems, no wear parts, higher torque carrying capacity, backlash-free shaft hub connection, and a high level of true running accuracy.

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