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DSP Development Kit

VMETRO™ (Houston, TX) and Impulse Accelerated Technologies, Inc. (Houston, TX) have announced the V5+C, an advanced platform for rapid prototyping and algorithm development. The DSP development kit, which includes the latest generation Impulse C-to- VHDL compiler tools and a VMETRO PMC module based on the Xilinx® Virtex™-5 FPGA, allows military and industrial system developers to hardware- accelerate DSP algorithms and quickly prototype on FPGA within an ANSI C environment.

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Embedded Design and Technology Trends in the Military

A presidential election... the continuance or end of deploying troops in Iraq...Phoenix spacecraft landing on Mars...2008 could be an exciting year, so let's take a moment to look at a few trends that could affect the military embedded Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) market.

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Virtual Memory

Software developers face constant challenges. Not only must their code be functionally correct, it must also be reliable. In addition, competition among software vendors has taken software quality to significantly higher levels. Producing high-quality code has become one of the core requirements in the software industry today as it differentiates leading software vendors from the rest of the field.

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Understanding the Unique Requirements of Portable Data Acquisition Systems

Portable data acquisition applications have to meet a number of stringent requirements not present in traditional laboratory systems. Environmental conditions such as extremes in temperature, humidity, shock and vibration, are all factors that must be considered when selecting portable data acquisition equipment. Other concerns include whether the data acquisition equipment is capable of supporting the mix of particular sensors that will be used, as well as if there is adequate memory/storage to support the test.

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Ultra-Wideband Recording Stretches to Keep Up With Digitizers

Systems designers are always pressing for faster and faster real-time performance, and data acquisition technology continues to evolve to meet that need. Currently available high-performance digitizers perform in the range of 2 to 5 GS/sec, and some new instruments are featuring 7 GS/sec digitizers for transient capture.

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Using Ethernet for Process Automation

The use of Ethernet communications in industrial applications is growing because it enables the real-time exchange of information between processing equipment and companies' Ethernet-based management systems. Some of the factors encouraging the use of Ethernet technology include:

the speed advantages over lower baud rate protocols the number of tools available for troubleshooting and optimizing a network, the broad base of competitive vendor support and solution options and the large pool of trained personnel who are familiar with the technology.

In addition, the ability to bridge existing proprietary communications schemes makes it possible to phase in the use of Ethernet rather than having to replace everything at once.

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How PCI Express Is Changing Machine Vision

PCI Express is the peripheral bus now being adopted by next-generation PCs, servers, and industrial computers. It provides a scaleable, high-bandwidth, point-to-point pathway between peripheral cards and the computing core while retaining application software compatibility with previous generations. For machine-vision systems, the architecture and higher bandwidth of PCI Express yield major increases in achievable frame rate and image size as well as simplifying the implementation of multi-channel capability.

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Variable-Data-Rate Speech Encoder

Avariable-data-rate (VDR) speech encoder has been designed to be interoperable with, and eventually to supplant, the many different voice encoders now used in military communication systems. Because these older systems were designed to utilize specific radio links with fixed and limited channel capacities, these systems utilize many different voice compression algorithms operating at various fixed rates. The incompatibility of these systems is an obstacle to interoperability. Emerging net-centric communication systems promise to provide connectivity to all military users, but compatible encoding will be necessary for interoperability, and encryption will be necessary for secure communications.

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Low Power 65nm FPGA

Altera Corporation (San Jose, CA) announced the shipment of the EP3C120, the largest member of its new low-cost 65nm Cyclone® III FPGA family. Leveraging Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company's (TSMC's) 65-nm low-power (LP) process, Cyclone III FPGAs offer low power, a rich supply of logic (5K to 120K logic elements), memory (up to 4 Mbits) and digital signal processing (DSP) capabilities (up to 288 DSP multipliers).

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Booth 1704-Fanless PC/104-Plus Single Board Computer

WinSystems (Arlington, TX) has introduced the PPM-GX, a PC/104-Plus compatible single board computer (SBC) that operates throughout the temperature range of - 40°to 85°C without needing a fan. The board integrates the CPU, video, Ethernet, USB, COM, LPT, mouse, audio, and keyboard controllers onto one board that measures 3.6" x 3.8". The PPM-GX supports up to 512-Mbytes of SDRAM and offers support for rotational and solid state disks.

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