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Outsourcing Plasma Treatments for Surface Modification

For many manufacturers, plasma-applied coatings and surface treatments can play a significant role in new product development.
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A New Network Design for the “Internet from Space”

Satellites do not play a major role in the world’s Internet infrastructure...yet.
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90° Hybrid Coupled Power Amplifier – Pros and Cons

Wireless communications is a broad market and PAs fill a wide array of those applications.
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RAD-HARD Microelectronics for Space Applications

Learn how to protect electronics from the extreme environment of space.
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Weyl Semimetals (WSM) for Electronics Applications

New synthesized materials open the way to govern the density of helicity, axial charge, and its flow, axial current.
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Future Advances in Electronic Materials and Processes - Flexible Hybrid Electronics

There are still significant obstacles to the manufacture and use of flexible hybrid electronics in military applications.
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Evaluation of the Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide on Common Aircraft Electrical Materials

A study aims to find a suitable decontaminant that can be used successfully in complex transportation vehicles with no negative impact on sensitive electronic equipment.
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Calculating Electrical Requirements for Direct Current Electric Actuators

When designing electro-mechanically actuated systems, there are several electrical design requirements that must be determined.
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Collins Aerospace to Provide Critical Subsystems for NASA’s Orion Spacecraft

Collins Aerospace Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp., has signed a contract with Lockheed Martin to provide critical subsystems to support production of NASA’s Orion spacecraft fleet for Artemis missions III through VIII. Valued at $320 million, the systems being provided by Collins Aerospace will play an important role in enabling NASA’s goal of boots on the Moon by 2024, as well as establishing a sustained presence on and around the Moon to prepare for missions to Mars.

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Critical Techniques for High-Speed A/D Converters in Real-Time Systems

To help define the meaning of “high-speed A/D” used in this handbook, we will be focusing primarily on A/D converters with sampling rates higher than 100 MHz. We will review sampling techniques, FPGA technology and we will present the latest Pentek high-speed A/D products and applications based on them.

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