Lasers & Photonics

Test & Measurement

INSIDER: Aerospace

Liquids aren’t as well behaved in space as they are on Earth. Inside a spacecraft, microgravity allows liquids to freely slosh and float about. The National Institute of Standards and Technology...

INSIDER: Aerospace

University of Illinois researchers have demonstrated a new method for testing microscopic aeronautical materials at ultra-high temperatures. The test combines two commonly...

Articles: Test & Measurement

The design of avionics systems must balance several factors. First, engineers want to increase the performance of the systems installed in aircraft or spacecraft. Second, they want...

Briefs: Data Acquisition

In 1982, the U.S. Army Aeroflightdynamics Directorate (AFDD), then assigned under the U.S. Army Aviation Systems Command (AVSCOM), began development of a new...

INSIDER: Test & Measurement

It’s about speed, and Sandia National Laboratories, with a hypersonic wind tunnel and advanced laser diagnostic technology, is in a position to help U.S. defense agencies understand...

Application Briefs: Test & Measurement
Arnold Defense
St. Louis, MO

Arnold Defense, the St Louis based international manufacturer and supplier of 2.75-inch rocket launchers, recently announced the...

Articles: Sensors/Data Acquisition

Whether engaged in an asymmetric fight with an insurgent or a conventional battle with a “near-peer” adversary, today's battlefield presents combatants with significant challenges. Rapidly advancing technology and...

INSIDER: Photonics/Optics

Aviation testers have been busy testing the latest Army aviation missile, known as the Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM). The complex JAGM test was a collaborative team effort...

Application Briefs: Defense
U.S. Army Operational Test Command
Fort Hood, TX

Forward observers, experts in directing artillery and mortar fire onto enemy targets, have been testing a new...

Application Briefs: Defense
Marvin Test Solutions
Irvine, CA

The Indonesian Air Force recently selected Marvin Test Solutions’ MTS-206A Maverick Field Test Set and MTS-916-3 Modular Target Simulator...

Articles: Photonics/Optics

The Beam Irradiance on Target System (BITS) is a high energy laser (HEL) sensor array that directly measures the beam irradiance profile of HEL weapons. The BITS is a sensor array composed of 105...

Briefs: Test & Measurement

Turbines in aircraft turbojet engines are being subject to increasingly higher temperatures to improve fuel efficiency. High turbine efficiency requires the ability of turbine blades to...

Briefs: Photonics/Optics

This work explored the concept of creating a partially coherent laser beam consisting of an array of spatially overlapping or separated Gaussian beams with possible individual...

Articles: Test & Measurement

Fiber-optic networks have benefited from nearly 20 years of continuous expansion (notwithstanding the brief, yet surprisingly quiet period from 2002 to 2005). For terrestrial networking,...

Briefs: Photonics/Optics

A system for noncontact measurement and analysis of vibrations of an electronic circuit board or a similar lightweight, nominally flat, rectangular object has been developed. This...

Briefs: Materials

A computational- simulation study was performed to assess the feasibility of laser-induced fusion of deuterium nuclei with tritium nuclei as a means of generating neutrons for use in neutron...


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