Briefs: Software
Virtual Network Computing Software for DataWall Remote Display

VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is open-source software that allows a user to view and interact with a remote computer (known as the VNC server) from a local computer (known as the VNC viewer/client). VNC is used to display multiple remote desktops on the DataWall. The original VNC...

Briefs: Software
Software Suite for a Large Defense System

A suite of software tools was developed to enable networks composed of many hundreds, thousands, or even millions of commodity computers to protect themselves against a variety of security threats. These tools include Anagram, a content-based anomaly detection (AD) tool; ASSURE, which provides automatic...

Briefs: Software
Software Optimizes Multi-Core Platforms

Perseus is a suite of tools that allows existing x86-based software (in binary form) to be optimized for commodity multi-core platforms. Optimizations are made with respect to both performance (e.g., by avoiding undesirable cache effects) and power consumption (e.g., by modulating frequency and voltage of...

Briefs: Software
Tool for Processing and Displaying Genomics Data in Spreadsheets

ChromaBlast is a computer program that facilitates and accelerates processing and display of data by use of Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software that affords similar capabilities. The development of ChromaBlast was prompted by a need for improved means of analyzing and...

A computational model that predicts effects of changing operational parameters of a cognitive radio has been developed as part of continuing research on cognitive / software - defined radio (C/SDR)...

AFRL researchers and their counterparts at CG2, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Quantum3D, Inc., are collaborating through a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)...

Briefs: Software
Dynamic Air Battle Planning

An air tasking order (ATO) implements air operations supporting the joint force commander's campaign by assigning aircraft and munitions to targets and specifying the timing and grouping of air missions....

Controlling subsonic aerodynamic flow through the use of plasma actuators is an active area of research in both the Air Force (AF) and the general scientific community. A typical plasma actuator...

Briefs: Software
Unified Flow Solver

A variety of gas flow problems are characterized by the presence of rarefied and continuum domains. In a rarefied domain, the mean free path of gas molecules is comparable to (or larger than) a characteristic scale of the...

Briefs: Software

Visualization of geospatially correct, remotely sensed data is a key element of many government and commercial applications. It enables a user to analyze and assess ground activities and other conditions of interest. Because...


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