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Embry-Riddle to Offer Master’s in Unmanned Systems

Unmanned systems coursework will examine the application, development, management, and policies of unmanned systems and address issues including regulation; systems design; policy and ethics; education and training; and human performance and machine interaction.

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Sikorsky, NREC Partner for Matrix Application to Demonstrate U.S. Army Autonomous UGV Delivery

The project is an 18-month program sponsored by the U.S. Army’s Tank Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Center (TARDEC) through the Robotics Technology Consortium.

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Designing Quieter Aircraft via Acoustic Simulation

Greater fuel efficiency and low emission requirements have grown into such an urgent imperative in aircraft design that it often overshadows an equally significant factor in air travel—noise. Airbus shows that it’s possible to infuse acoustic simulation into design processes from beginning...

In the latest iteration of the EASy flight deck on Dassault Aviation's new 5X business jet, the immediate priorities are separated out from follow-up actions required later during the flight when...

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Boeing Advances Automation with Smart and Portable Orbital Drilling Tools for 787

Boeing makes a leap forward in manufacturing automation with a portable orbital drilling tool that is, at its core, indistinguishable from a fully autonomous robotic system. Read more at

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Government-Sanctioned Test Site Opens Up Airspace for MIT Researchers

MIT classes and researchers developing unmanned aerial vehicles and their associated systems will be able to take advantage of a new FAA-designated facility located at Joint Base Cape Cod. Read more at

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Architecture Developed for Monitoring and Anomaly Detection of Space Systems

Researchers at the University of Central Florida have found that by incorporating analysis and monitoring algorithms, such as Inductive Monitoring System, neural networks, and recent advances in deep learning within the architecture’s signal processing system,...

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Maintenance Tools for Improved Engine Bearing

A number of advanced bearing maintenance products, such as customized induction heaters and sophisticated thermal cameras, can help aircraft engine OEMs and maintenance providers meet such exacting standards. Read more at

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Predicting cavitation in fuel pumps

Liquid ring pumps are used in aircraft fuel systems in conjunction with main impeller pumps and serve the function of removing fuel vapor and air from the fuel. Thus, their reliable...

Regulatory authorities in Germany decided to develop a new aircraft category called volocopter to accommodate the new 18-motor VC200. Read more at

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Canadian researchers employ recycled carbon-fiber mats to produce thermoset composites

Carbon-fiber-reinforced thermoset composites continue to be difficult to recycle, as they are a complex mixture of different materials such as thermosetting polymers, carbon fibers, and fillers. Researchers from the Universite Du Quebec at Montreal, Bell...

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Overcoming design challenges of next-generation UASs

Next-generation unmanned air systems will require more performance and must integrate increasing capabilities for guidance control, weaponry, and surveillance—all in a very limited space. Read more at

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Heated air technology helps optimize CFRP assembly

Assembly of large and complex carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) components requires the use of liquid resin-based materials for applications such as shimming and aerodynamic sealing. These materials generally require curing times up to 12 h; heated air technology can reduce that time to 2...

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A holistic approach to aircraft assembly

It is the "automation and tooling partner" who offers a performance-based and advanced manufacturing systems integration approach that offers the next step-change, say Bombardier Aerospace and AIP Aerospace Odyssey. Read more at


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