Articles: Aerospace

As commercial and military electronics applications continue to “push the envelope” with higher powers and smaller packaging requirements, it is becoming more critical to...

Articles: Electronics & Computers

High-speed recorders represent a major share of electronic instrumentation found in commercial, industrial, scientific research, government, and defense applications. Each system captures specific...

Articles: Electronics & Computers

In the space industry, much of the effort to refine system engineering processes has been done by hand using tools as divergent as Microsoft PowerPoint to IBM Rational...

Articles: RF & Microwave Electronics

Software Defined Radio (SDR) represents an important move forward for mobile and personal communications, promising a major...

Application Briefs: Defense

A combat identification system developed by Cubic Defense Applications, the defense systems business of Cubic Corporation, was successfully tested during a recent...

Application Briefs: Defense

The desire to get home safely dwells in the back of the mind of every soldier. The battlefield provides enough mortal dangers without soldiers having to wonder whether or not the weapons they carry could...

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Articles: Electronics & Computers

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