July 2015

Scientists have taken a significant step in moving graphene – the incredibly strong and conductive single-atom-thick sheet of carbon – from lab bench novelty to commercially...

The Army hopes its new 120mm Guided Enhanced Fragmentation Mortar (GEFM) will improve soldiers' ability to put artillery on target. The GEFM is a high- accuracy, GPS-guided mortar concept...

For soldiers in the field, the ability to identify an object or substance based on how it responds to light could mean the difference between life and death. They could, for...

NASA, working with government and industry partners, is testing a system that would make it possible for unmanned aircraft to fly routine operations in United States airspace....

High in the sky where the cirrus ice crystal clouds form, jet contrails draw their crisscross patterns. Now researchers have found that these elevated ice cloud trails can influence...

A newly designed material that mimics the wing structure of owls could help make wind turbines, computer fans, and planes much quieter. Early wind tunnel tests of the coating have...


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