March 2015

Researchers are refining for Army use a commercial technology that will allow soldiers to accurately and rapidly detect an array of chemical and biological hazards - from...

SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific has developed RAPIER® full motion video (FMV), a maritime target detection, tracking, and identification solution that quickly and automatically analyzes...

After years of intense research and support from Defense Department agencies and a private foundation, a Marine who lost his right hand in Afghanistan is testing new technology that...

Researchers have developed and demonstrated an autonomous capability that would allow a drone to verbally interact with air traffic controllers. The development is a critical step...

A prototype quantum radar has the potential to detect objects that are invisible to conventional systems. The new breed of radar is a hybrid system that uses quantum correlation between microwave...

A system for using sound waves to spot potentially dangerous cracks in pipes, aircraft engines, and nuclear power plants has been developed by a University of Strathclyde researcher. A study...


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